Monday, June 1, 2009

The start of ...

Today is the start of the 2009 hurricane season and my summer vacation. Hopefully, both will be quiet and calm. I have a few more days without kids (duriing the day anyway) as finals are taking place this week and the official end of school is next week. So, I'm trying to finish up some outdoor projects and get my exercise routine down pat before the kids are home and I no longer have time just for myself. I have managed to kick out a few layouts - one is my latest project and the others are traditional layouts. I'm really liking the extra creativity when using animation in layouts - I think it adds a little something extra! I 'll be back tomorrow with a free qp or two.... bye for now


  1. Here from the DST Blog Train.

    Don't like the sound of hurricane season! Hope it is quiet for you. A few days off before the kids sounds great - enjoy :)

  2. Another dst blog train person here :)

    LOVE trying out new techniques myself-never do the same thing twice, lol! Animation IS fun!