Saturday, May 8, 2010

What a week!

Two teenagers = too much drama for me.  At least for this past week it did.  Day 1:  my daughter got herself into a world of trouble and is now grounded forever.  Day 2: still reeling from day 1.  Day 3:  my son is riding home with a friend and they get rear-ended!  Day 4: my son gets his driver’s license, keys to a truck and I went to concert with a friend. Day 5: I’m sick – can’t keep anything down and have the worst headache.  Day 6:  Feeling better but a little on edge as my son is now really enjoying his freedom…and finally Day 7:  got some layouts done and uploaded – whoo hoo!


  1. hi Heidi,
    i'm trying to get in touch with you, but email came back undeliverable (cox email address). please email me at


  2. sounds like a busy, crazy week...some how I missed the accident!

    take care heide!